Winter Warmers Ready

Its undeniable that we are fast approaching the cooler days. I'm one of the very few people who loves loves winter, like really love it hahaha. 

But it can be brutal when we have little ones especially the pre schoolers as they come home with all sorts of sniffles and sometimes just takes forever to clear out. Besides having pro active preventative majors in place to help them be as comfortable as they can be is generally not much we can do if its there already we just need to ride the wave and pray that they don't catch anything in a week or two again smh. 

Besides giving the immune boosters and lots of vitamin Cs one thing I can always trust that keeps my babies warm and snuggle up are thermo vests so I make sure I stock up on those all through out winter as they are wearing them day and night. 

And of course we need tones of stylish clothes like really cute winter warmers my little boy has been wearing this OH BOY! track suit and my goodness its such an awesome amazing soft fabric. I love the fact that it has a hoodie because well sometimes he does not want a hat AT ALL! so that helps a lot. 




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